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I am a patriotic nationalist Indian. In the recent years, I have grown increasingly sick and tired of the shallow journalists (most are nowadays) imposing the intellectually bankrupt remnants of the Nehru dynasty as saviors of the nation.

With the mainstream media being fully appropriated by left liberal sycophants of the dynasty, there is hardly any space for right-of-center political discourse in the mainstream media. This is especially true of the electronic media. The online space is the only space where we have considerable presence of right-of-center ideologues. (May be that explains why Kapil Sibal and others are trying the ‘censor’ the web)

This blog is just for fun. As the name of the blog says it’s about jokes and satire. I can not vouch for the veracity of everything that’s written here!

PS: And enjoy the jokes 🙂


7 Responses to About

  1. Nish says:

    Gr8 write upps… Hope to read more in future. You are doing a gr8 service to the Nation. Keep it up!!

  2. sant says:

    keep it up

  3. Hari says:

    God job, bro. Keep it up…..

  4. avira says:

    nice but not effective, every body knows the weak points and also knows how to point them out but nobody wants to get in action.

  5. Amee Gupta says:

    LOve you !! 🙂 , keep up the good work ! , Have a go at http://www.indiacanchange.com

  6. Anonymous says:

    i want to submit a pic i made…..whats your email address ?

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