Some Rahul Gandhi videos

Ever wondered why Rahul Gandhi is only barely better than an ‘anghuta chhap’? Check out his General Knowledge in his own words :

And this is what even kids in the country are talking:

Rahul Gandhi's General Knowledge less than an 8 year old's

Rahul Gandhi’s General Knowledge less than an 8 year old’s













With such ‘high’ IQ and GK, it’s no wonder that noted Supreme Court lawyer and former Law Minister Ram Jethmalani calls him ‘good for nothing’ in a TV show :

Not just Jethmalani, just check out what kind of treatment students in Bihar meted out to him when he uttered some nonsense :

When his speech writers take a day off, this is how he forms his own sentences. According to Rahul, politics is in his pants!!

Rahul is not only dumb but also insensitive. Check out his reaction immediately after a terror attack. Again looks like his ghost writers had not prepared him for the situation; so he let out one of his own gems:

And finally a musical which suits him best:


About rahulgandhijokes

Hi, I am a patriotic and nationalistic Indian. I am sick and tired of this intellectually bankrupt remnants of this dynasty being thrust upon the nation by (mostly English) media. I am also saddened by the near extinction of right-of-center commentators and analysts in the mainstream media. With the online space being the only place where right-of-center politics can be articulated, I have decided to tickle some funny bones through this blog. Remember, as the name of the blog suggests, it's about jokes and satire. I can not vouch for factual accuracy of everything written here!
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3 Responses to Some Rahul Gandhi videos

  1. Dulal Miah says:

    Helo vai tripura weat foru

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